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Meningococcal Vaccine May Be Ineffective on College Campuses

A meningococcal B vaccine tested on nearly 500 students at Princeton University yielded unimpressive results. More than one-third of those vaccinated showed no response to the shot, raising serious questions about the vaccine's usefulness.

Study: Pesticides Are Creating Pollination Problems and Killing Bees

A UK study involving 18 years of data shows widely used neonicotinoid pesticides may be decimating wild bee populations. If steps aren't taken to protect pollinators from these and other toxic chemicals, the food supply could be at risk.

Coke's Cookie Is Crumbling

A leading academic official has been forced to step down after having close ties with soda maker Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, another US health public official was outed for promoting and leading research for the soda giant.

Sunscreen Won't Prevent Skin Cancer but Some Could Actually Cause It

Many believe that applying sunscreen daily will prevent skin cancer, but science backing this up is lacking. In addition, growing research shows constant sunscreen usage may carry health risks of its own.

The Price of Pork

The row upon row of cheap pork chops and bacon at most US grocery stores do not reveal the high price paid for its production. At pig CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations), the animals, local residents and the environment suffer immensely from this industrialized form of food production.

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