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Dental Breakthrough - May Save Thousands of Lives

Posted by: Dr. Mercola | October 25 2011 | 420 views
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By Dr. Mercola

A great deal of progress has been made this year toward ridding the dental industry of dangerous mercury-containing amalgams.

For example, Consumers for Dental Choice recently reported that:

"On October 10, the City Council of Malibu, California passed a resolution supporting "national and worldwide efforts to reduce anthropogenic [man-made] sources of mercury to the environment." 

Specifically, the city endorsed "efforts by UNEP [the United Nations Environmental Programme] to adopt an international treaty to phase out each of the above five major mercury pollutants":  batteries, electric switches and relays, measuring devices, mercury-containing lamps…and dental amalgam. 

Malibu is the third California city to call for the phase-out of dental amalgam, following the resolution of the city council of Costa Mesa and the proclamation by the Mayor of Santa Ana." 

According to Consumers for Dental Choice, the World Health Organization ("WHO") also just released its long-awaited updated and finalized report on dental amalgam.  In Future Use of Materials for Dental Restoration, WHO urges "a switch in use of dental materials" away from amalgam, stating that:

"[F]or many reasons, restorative materials alternative to dental amalgam are desirable." 

But that's not all!

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